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HVAC/R Industry Innovator hilmor Launches Next Wave of Hand Tools

February 02, 2015

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass., Jan 26, 2015  – Today, hilmor® announced the introduction of 90 new hand tools to complement the tool manufacturer’s innovative, effective and efficient product line. The additions build on the already robust collection of more than 170 HVAC/R products, and span five core technical categories including Pliers, Wrenches and Wire Strippers, Snips and Sheet Metal and Duct Tools, Screwdriving and Tool Storage and Transport.

Attendees to the 2015 AHR EXPO in Chicago will have the opportunity to see the new collection, which was formed through extensive research and testing.

“We added 20 products to our line of hand tools in 2014 to strong reviews, creating even more efficient and effective tools for HVAC/R technicians,” said Rich Mathews, Senior Vice President, Marketing, hilmor. “Now we are bringing 90 new hand tools to our customers, underscoring our commitment to becoming the most complete tool provider to the professional endeavors of the men and women of the HVAC/R industry.”

A few standout tools in the new collection, include:

Pliers, Wrenches and Wire Strippers: hilmor’s family of pliers, wrenches and wire strippers give technicians the tools they can depend on and use in almost any situation, on any job, no matter the difficulty. This year, hilmor introduces 24 new essentials to the line, including the Quick-Adjusting Tongue and Groove Plier, which simplifies grabbing ahold of hex, square or round fasteners while the jaw quickly adjusts with the press of a button. With twice as many grooves as traditional tongue and groove pliers, the simple sizing, strong hold and comfortable grip ensure guaranteed positioning and hold while diminishing hand fatigue.

Driving Tools: Technicians require tools that allow them to get a firm grip on rusted or tight screws, calling for a screwdriver that doesn’t slip in their hand. With more than 20 new products set to debut in this category, the Demolition Screwdrivers are the standout of this group. They feature a metal strike plate and a heat-treated chrome plated through-shaft that is designed to stand up to abusive applications such as prying and chiseling. The tool also features a machined tip for providing a better fit in screws along with slip-resistant grip for maximum leverage. 

Snips: This season, hilmor will add 11 snips to their product line. Made with high-carbon steel blades with a reinforced chrome silicon spring, the Aviation Snips are built with longevity in mind. The color-coded handle inserts and splines increase convenience by making identification simple, even when they are in a tool bag, and the over-molded handles reduce hand fatigue, providing a firm and steady grip. hilmor will offer four Aviation Snips with a more traditional handle design along with two Aviation Snips with an offset design that will allow the technician to keep their hand off the material when making longer cuts.

Sheet Metal and Duct Tools: Whether bending, flattening, cutting or joining sheet metal, the family of 19 new Sheet Metal and Duct Tools help technicians complete the job accurately and comfortably. The hilmor Offset Hand Seamers’ steel blades have a reinforced chrome silicon spring that increases life and durability, while over-molded handles reduce hand fatigue and won’t slip or twist. These tools also feature a 1/4" depth mark on the blades, allowing for quick bends.

Compact Bender Kit Accessories: hilmor’s new Reverse Bending Attachment enables technicians to bend tubes outward, allowing them to do more in cramped spaces. The Reverse Bending Attachment attaches to the hilmor Compact Bender for precise angle bends of up to 90° on 1/4’’ to 7/8’’ soft tubing. A quick-change shoe and bar design simplifies the setup process, identifying and changing sizes.

Worksite Storage: To accommodate the daily heavy-lifting undergone by technicians, hilmor introduces the HVAC/R Refrigerant Tank & Utility Backpack. Capable of carrying up to 30 lb. refrigerant or recovery cylinders, this storage solution also offers versatility serving as a knapsack to transport other materials and equipment to and from the jobsite. Complete with a drawstring with a cord lock and flap with latch, equipment is securely held in place during transportation.

By leveraging existing and new technologies and performing intensive market research into what helps make the day-to-day HVAC/R job more effective and efficient, hilmor will continue to bring new and innovative tools to the HVAC/R market.


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