hilmor Flaring Tools Family

Simple setup, precise positioning and a secure hold that eliminates the need for a third arm. It’s a common theme you’ll find throughout hilmor’s line of flaring tools, and it’s the reason our flaring tools deliver a precise, quality flare every time. Simply choose the flaring tool that fits your needs, and get ready to conquer your next job.

Flaring Tools product family image

  • Orbital Flare Kit
  • The hilmor Orbital Flare Kit has everything required to produce quality flares again and again. The kit comes with hilmor’s large diameter tubing cutter…

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  • Orbital Flare
  • The hilmor Orbital Flare was designed to produce quality flares – again and again. It has an off-center mounted cone that spins on an axis…

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  • Flare/Swage
  • When you need a precise, quality flare or swage, the hilmor Large Flare/Swage delivers. Its compact design allows it to fit where others can’t.

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  • Basic Flares
  • hilmor Basic Flaring Tools are the no-muss, no-fuss way to flare. A forged steel yoke and hardened flaring bar provide durability…

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