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Yes. We are part of the Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.. family of brands. You can find us on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NWL.

Please contact your local Stanley Black & Decker Sales Representative for more information.

Please contact your local Stanley Black & Decker Sales Representative for information. If you do not currently stock Stanley Black & Decker products, please email for sales contact information.

Please call 1-800-642-0010 for assistance with technical questions. Technical assistance is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST.

Yes. Select the Buy Online option on the product pages to view products from select distributors.

Yes. hilmor has been redesigned and retooled to focus the North American product line for HVAC/R Technicians.

Please reference the Warranty Tab located on each individual product page for details.

hilmor, along with LENOX and IRWIN, are part of the Stanley Black & Decker family of brands.


You would use simple arithmetic based off of the VSAT and LSAT on your analog gauges.

Temperature is calibrated by the small +/- buttons near each thermocouple.

Yes. Two k-style thermocouple clamps with comfort grips are included.

It’s as durable as our Analog Gauges.

It is designed to attach to the manifold hook. It can be placed on other surfaces or carried in your pocket, but not “attached.”

It provides two independent temperature readings.

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